Sunday, 2 October 2016

My work on show

Water Street Gallery owner, Rosemary Holcroft (left) and me
on a former occasion when my work was being exhibited
I am so excited - my five A4 paper-collage stitched 'Shakespeare' panels are bing exhibited this month at Water Street Gallery, Todmorden, West Yorkshire. It's not the first time I have been invited to participate. From my little fabric zig-zag books, adorned with my own word-whispers and photographic images, to 'The Dream Coat' which was pure theatre - and the last time my beloved husband 'RQ' (Raymond) was seen alive in public. He dressed particularly smartly for the occasion and somehow managed to drive from our home an hour north of Oxford to the Gallery. I was supposed to be the driver but had been up all night completing the coat! The last time I exhibited at Water Street was not long after RQs demise - the subject 'pushing up daisies' focussed on death and dying. I was not phased: put on my professional hat, and start creating. As it coincided with my recovery from cancer, I had no shortage of material. 

Guess which Shakespeare play this represents? (In my mind, at least)
This time, my exhibits are under control - actually completed and submitted ahead of schedule! I even have a little time to create some stitched cards to take when I go to visit. I cannot show the panels pre-launch, but developed techniques that were totally new to me. How could I not love the added theatricality of this subject? Something that was instilled in me in my school days, though I must promise my sister that I will not spout poetry, as I used to do in the open spaces on the Yorkshire Moors when I was at high school in Leeds. I will leave readers to guess which play the image above relates to.

I can at least let my friends and acquaintances know about the exhibition as I have this lunchtime received a press release from the Gallery; there are lots more exhibits and an erudite explanation of 'A Face to the World'. Mine: 'Shakespeare - the Man and his World' is described at the end of the release and is has it's own special slot. Such a thrill for me. I am now exploring other new techniques for another body of work, just in case I am invited to participate again. If you find this difficult to read (I had to convert it), please email me at and I will email it to you as a pdf file.

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  1. So sorry I am not able to see this show Ann. It is so good to follow your regaining interest in your own creativity again.