Thursday, 16 January 2014

'Memory' Keepsake complete

A zigzag concertina 'keepsake'
I suddenly realised that I had not posted images of the finished keepsake that I constructed last month (December 2013) from a tea towel bought from Ikea, some paper napkins, copies of old family photos and words printed on brown paper bags. It all worked out really well and the notes I made as I worked are now re-jigged into a magazine feature which will appear in a few weeks' time - in 'Reloved' magazine (March issue, I think, published in February).

Open up the zig-zag and you will find some of my memories
Now it would not be right or proper to pre-empt the appearance of this issue, so I will just let you have a sneak preview of the finished project. The magazine feature runs to four pages and was inspired by some old photos of my early childhood. When I was invited to create a feature for 'Reloved', I thought that surely everyone has old photos that they might like to make into a keepsake, so I combined a few of mine with paper napkins, which I collect (I've got boxfuls of them!), buttons off old clothes, pretty ribbon, and the tea-towel. So easy to collect together, and homely; I just needed to work out a way that would allow others to use some off the techniques I have perfected over the last five years. (I could have used other floral napkins but decided that as this is to appear in the Spring, then Spring flowers would be best.)

At the beginning (inside front cover) and onwards (inside back cover)
Techniques were basically the use of computer and Photoshop (software) to scan, resize and print photos - on a special easily obtainable paper that has the feel of fabric when it is fused and stitched, plus felt interfacing, and copious quantities of fusible web (Bondaweb / Wonder-Under in USA) plus its use when fusing napkins so they become almost transparent in places. I deliberately left size and layout open, for my aim was to encourage others to 'have a go' rather than stipulate that readers should follow a set of specific measurements or elements; though I did provide sources of supply of the materials that I use most frequently, and instructions for making a keepsake such as this. If you would like to follow my guidelines, here's a link to the 'Reloved' website from whence you can purchase the magazine online.