Monday, 19 March 2012

Studio in a Caravan

Creating in the caravan - at home in the yard

Despite the lack of posting, I have not been idle creatively over the last few weeks. Actual creating has not been easy as I have no power in my underground workroom, due to an electrical fault, and my sewing machine is too heavy to move elsewhere. Plenty of evening note-making and cross-referencing, but little has moved forward on the 'winter trees' project that was ongoing in early February - though I have taken many more photos as we travel here and there on work commissions. And I have been fortunate enough to pick up a commission for another patchwork/quilting article - the topic is a little concertina book using napkins and word-whispers, with step-by-step instructions.

A touch of paint to the illustrations in one of my art journals.

Exciting, too, has been my decision to participate in Warwickshire Open Studios (formerly Warwickshire Art Weeks) at the end of June / beginning of July. My dilemma was that the electrics may still not be repaired and the rest of the house is not in a fit state for visitors! A plan for some of us in the village to group together - we were offered the loan of a lovely barn - did not materialise; insufficient art-makers were able to commit themselves by yesterday's closing date for entries. But after the success of the village art show in November, and my 'castle turret in the church' (read about it here), I really wanted to move ahead. And then a brainwave: I managed to display a lot of work in that 5ft x 5ft space in the Church, so I truly do not need a large area. Why not use our caravan? All the things I make to sell are small, and there would still be space for me to stitch or paint the miniature illustrations in my journals whilst awaiting 'guests'. So I signed up, paid the somewhat hefty participation fee, and am now agonising over making sufficient items. Here is a link to my entry on the Open Studios website (the Google map is wrong, but I have given location instructions and we will be supplied with identification signage). Tonight I have sampled a different style of booklet. I'll post about that in due course. I could even serve tea or coffee - the caravan is only small, but very comfy.


  1. You know, where there is a will, there is a way. Your studio in the caravan will be very cozy for art seeking guest. I rather like small spaces.

  2. Whenever I read the word caravan, I suddenly see the gypsy caravans with the lovely wood and carved bits and of course, glorious colors!! So now I have safely transported you into such an imagining and can only think that your "guests" will be equally enchanted!!

    As Sharon says, where there is a will—what an inspiration!

  3. Love this post and particularly the map in the background, what a neat idea. Your work is beautiful and so inspiring.

  4. I've just found your blog, from Stephanie Redfern's...just wonderful - I'm really looking forward to reading your past posts, I'm already inspired! Thank you!

  5. I think this picture should be titled..every woman should have a room of her own....

  6. SO wonderful to visit, as always...I often get a "warm, fuzzy" from your posts and photos and thoughts! Like a cyber hug...